A fundamental aim for the establishment of the Vanuatu National Council of Women (VNCW) on May 15, 1980 was for all women to unite in one voice.

This goal was supported by pioneers of Vanuatu’s freedom and moved forward by women leaders at that time, Mrs. Lesline Malsungai, the first President of VNCW, Vice President, Mrs. Hilda Lini, late Grace Molisa, and Mary Tensly Lulu and Mrs. Madlene Kalchichi, to name a few.

When VNCW commemorated its 37th Anniversary yesterday in recognition of the hard works of all women throughout the country, Mrs. Lini, a founder of VNCW, recounted the history of the organization. She said that prior to the establishment of the women’s umbrella organization, different women’s network already existed. There were women’s groups in different churches.

Another women’s group which existed before that was the Women’s Interests which was set up by the British Government, and later on, the French Government also established its Women’s Interests.

A working committee towards the birth of VNCW included representatives of women leaders in churches.

Mrs. Lini acknowledged how women groupings of churches have contributed towards the organization.

During that time, women have also played a vital role towards Vanuatu’s Independence in July 1980.

37 years on, Mrs. Lini salutes women leaders for continuing to keep the VNCW’s fire burning despite being faced with challenges along its journey.