A 25-year old from Mele involved in last Saturday’s fatal incident at Tagabe in Port Vila has been remanded pending police investigation.

The suspect is a learner driver and has no valid driver’s licence, according to the Vanuatu Police Force (VPF) Media.

The victim who was a woman tragically lost her life after she was hit by the vehicle traveling from Mele to town in the early hours of Saturday morning. “A driver driving on any public road must have a valid driving licence.

“Drivers under learning practise must display L sticker (meaning Learner) at all times and should driver slowly,” the VPF Media stressed.

“All drivers must not drive faster than the speed limit and be aware of pedestrians and other road users.”

VPF Media is reminding members of the general public, particularly girls and women attending events or gatherings at night to go with others or someone they trust for security reasons.

Consuming too much alcohol can lead to problems, VPF Media added.

Community leaders are asked to help by talking to their people to ensure they stay safe when walking on the streets or around in their communities.