The Vanuatu Chinese Women’s Association handing over health equipment to VCH staff on Tuesday, February 21.

The Vanuatu Chinese Women’s Association (VCWA) made its second donation of medical supplies to the Children’s Ward of the Vila Central Hospital (VCH) on Tuesday this week.

Every year, the VCWA hosts an anniversary dinner party to raise money for medical supplies that are then donated to the VCH.

On their first anniversary, they purchased medical supplies and donated them to the Maternity Ward. However, with the funds raised at the second anniversary, they purchased medical supplies and donated them to the Children’s Ward.

This year’s donation included four nebulizer machines, five pulse oximeter machines, ten digital thermometers, four blood pressure machines, four blood sugar machines (glucose meters), fifty nasal pons for children, fifty oxygen masks, fifty big sheets, fifty sets of single bed sheets (2 meters each), twenty pillows, thirty pillowcases, five large plastic storage containers, and twenty 3-meter-long window curtains.

Regina Leong, the Association’s President, said they preferred to assist sick people personally and not make monetary donations. “All we do is donate equipment, so we can give exactly what is needed for the sick people. Sometimes we visit the VCH, especially the wards, and ask them directly what they need. They will provide us with a list of items to order from China,” she said.

Leong added that they visited the Children’s Ward this year and asked them what they needed.

They noticed that the window curtains, pillows, pillowcases, and other medical equipment were old and needed replacement.

“When we do this, we can focus on a specific area, and it is much better since they determine what they need, not us,” said the President.

The VCWA President has been in Vanuatu since 1974 so she has witnessed the shortage of medicines, nurses, and doctors, and the poor environment inside each ward.

She wants to be able to help local organisations or people in need, thus the establishment of the VCWA as a non-profit association in 2018 with the focus to help the VCH.


SOURCE: Vanuatu Daily Post