First Nations Writers, a charitable organisation based in Australia, is making waves in the literary world by promoting the work of indigenous authors and writers from the Greater Pacific.

The organisation’s founder and chairperson, Mrs. Anna Borzi AM, recently explained the role of First Nations Writers, and how it aims to reward the cultural and intellectual creativity of writers and creatives from the Greater Pacific.

Mrs. Borzi is currently in Vanuatu, where she met with local writers who have been writing for a long time. She explained that First Nations Writers wants to attract more writers to tell stories from the Pacific and take these stories internationally.

Mrs. Borzi is convinced that no one can write about Vanuatu better than someone from Vanuatu who understands the culture and language. This is why the organization is encouraging people from the Pacific to share their stories.

During her trip, Mrs. Borzi also visited the University and bookshops in Vanuatu to see the culture of writing there. She highlighted the importance of the stories of ordinary people in the villages, which are historically significant over a long period of time.

First Nations Writers visited Fiji, where they met with wonderful people and writers who were eager for international platforms to share their stories.

The organisation is now planning to host its second festival in May, which will feature contemporary artists and authors from Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, and Australia. The festival will also award ten winners with AUSD5, 000 each, and the organization will help to publish their books.

Mrs. Borzi is hoping to host the festival in Vanuatu in 2023, where she believes it will have a significant impact on the literary world.

First Nations Writers is committed to promoting and rewarding the work of indigenous authors and creatives from the Greater Pacific.

First Nations Writers is a unique organisation that also gives awards to deserving writers with the help of independent judges. The goal is to collect as many stories as possible from the Greater Pacific and to publish and share these stories with the world. The organisation is regulated in Australia.


SOURCE: Vanuatu Daily Post