The national women’s cricket team has won their third game of the East Asia Pacific T20 World Cup Qualifiers through an outstanding performance over Fiji.

The home side chose to bat first, and were on fire from the first ball, though Rachel Andrew was taken out by Vakuruivalu after only scoring 2 runs, Valenta Langiatu scored a total of 87 runs and was not taken out till the 20th over, Nasiman Navaika scored 24 runs before being caught out by Erasito.

Captain Selina Solman Scored 24 runs before being run out by Gonerara, and Alvina Chillia scored 28 runs before being bowled out by Kainoco.

Leimauri Chilia did not manage to make a run and was run out by Waqavakatoga.

With Vanuatu’s total runs at 175, Fiji had an extremely uphill battle in chasing the target once they picked up the bat, however, they only managed to score 47 runs as the home girls bowled and fielded superbly and managed to get the whole Fijian team out in the 14th over.Atetha Kainoco scored the most runs for the Fijians hitting 7 runs, captain Llisapeci Waqavakatogo and Maeahavanisi Erasito both scored 6 runs each.

Vanuatu captain Solman got 3 Fijians out, Rachel Andrew and Rayline Ova each got 2 Fijians out

while Vanessa Vira caught 1 out.

Coach Joshua Rasu said his girls showed dominance and got the job done, he is happy to win three games and glad today is a rest day for all teams.

Rasu said the next game against Indonesia, tomorrow at 1:30pm will be an uphill battle for his girls as Indonesia is a higher ranked team and playing them will be challenging.

He said on Friday Vanuatu will play Japan at 9:30 am and Samoa at 1:30pm.

He said from now on they will take one game at a time.

Rasu appeals to everyone to come along and cheer on the girls to give them the home support as the girls are really performing well and it is his wish for the girls to win this qualifier at home.