A few members of the Vanuatu Netball team at the 2017 Pacific Mini Games in Korman

The Vanuatu Netball Association (VNA) is currently introducing its new strategy to recruit new players on the islands for the South Pacific Games in Solomon Islands next year.

President of VNA, Kathie Simon, said they are looking to get in more tall women into the squad.

“We really want to improve by getting some new tall girls, some of the 2017 team are young girls and we believe they still have the potential to be part of the new team in order to have a better training and improve the level of Vanuatu Netball,” she said.

Former national netball player, Kathleen Sogari, echoed the same sentiment and agreed that VNA is in need of tall lanky players.

“It is important to look at the heights when doing selection, and make sure we do the selection around our islands in Vanuatu because it’s a South Pacific game, and we have some good player but we always select on Port Vila / Efate only,” she said.

Simon said the selection of new players will focus more on the outer islands of Vanuatu.

“First of all we are not much interested to recruit players in Port Vila as usual, this time we want to reach out on the islands, this is because we believe in the islands, and we have the opportunity to recruit good and potential girls with good heights,” said Mrs. Simon.

Another former Netball player who wished to remain an anonymous , said one of the problem the VNA always have is the last minute program.

“There is no process plan or future plan of netball, with the 2023 South Pacific Games, we should kick of the training after the last 2017 mini games here in Vanuatu.

“We should start recruiting players after the mini games as well as the training to make us prepared for next year South Pacific games, “she said.

Mrs. Simon said the training should have kick-off earlier this month, but since the head coach will be in Santo for scouting, the training will resume when the coach comes back on the 23rd of this month.

She also said with the current issue of the big pool of water located beside the Netball court, they have consulted the Public Works Department and they are in the process to empty the pool.

The former netball player who also wish to remain an anonymous said the netball court is owned by the municipality, and that they should have help to maintain the court.

“I don’t know municipals plan on that particular sight, but yes our court are in bad condition. We only play or train when there is good weather condition, but when it’s raining, we have to cancel all our trainings and plans,” said the former player.”

The former player also claimed the VNA never received any funding’s.

“Netball never received any funding, the Vanuatu Netball Association has to look for funds in order for netball to participate on something.

“Netball has never received any funds,” she said.

Simon said there is yet many work to be done, to have a community work to renovate the court.

“Maybe next year when the netball is out of season, it is best for us to implement the courts in order for the courts to come back to its standard,” she said.

Simon added in the 2017 South Pacific Games in Vanuatu, the team had a great outcome despite being fourth on the list.