With 71 days remaining before the national parliamentary general elections, the Vanuatu Government, through the Electoral Commission and the Electoral Office, is ensuring that legal and administrative processes are taken care of as early as possible.

Acting on the advice of the Prime Minister and in exercise of the powers conferred upon him under section 21 of the Representation of the People Act [CAP 146], Head of State President Obed Moses Tallis has declared 19th March 2020 a polling day to allow eligible voters to cast their votes. So March 19, 2020 is officially the polling day for the Republic of Vanuatu to elect 52 new Members of Parliament (MPs) into the 12th Legislature.

In another signed instrument, and also on the advice of the Prime Minister, the Head of State, President Obed Tallis, has declared Thursday 19th March 2020, as a public holiday in Vanuatu.

This is to allow all eligible voters to go and cast their votes on this day.

Both instruments for the polling day and public holiday were signed by the Head of State on December 20, 2019.

The government is yet to announce the budget for the 2020 general elections.