GM Achary

Parmod Achary, the General Manager of Vanuatu National Provident Fund (VNPF), has resigned one week after he was found guilty of five counts of indecency without consent and other five counts of breach of the Leadership Code Act. Achary has resigned, according to the Daily Post, not because of shame for his actions, but to ‘protect the reputation of VNPF’.
The minister responsible for VNPF, John Salong, further said Achary resigning is the right thing to do. ‘It’s his personal behavior that does not qualify him to be a leader and its only proper that he resign. He knows the right thing to do is to resign,’ he said. But the article then goes on to list the achievements of Achary and the ‘good initiatives implemented under his leadership.’
Minister Salong while we appreciate your sentiments – we wish that rather than focusing on Achary’s ‘achievements’, you would instead highlight your solidarity with women and resolve to take sexual harrassment seriously. We wish the VNPF board and management would come forward and state what policies and procedures they are now taking to ensure this doesn’t happen again.
We – the young women of Vanuatu – demand that the Vanuatu government will consider legislating sexual harassment as it’s currently not recognised in our penal code (it falls under ‘indecency’) and to ensure all workplaces enforce a policy against sexual harassment so that women can work safely and freely without fear. We can do better. We must do better to build Vanuatu together.