The Head of State, Nikenike Vurobaravu has appealed to the citizens of Vanuatu who are eligible to vote, to vote “yes” to the referendum question on Polling Day.

He said the Members of Parliament (MPs) have already voted yes in parliament.

President Vurobaravu made this statement before declaring the official launching of the 2024 National Referendum this week in Port Vila.

He acknowledged the MPs for their support in agreeing to have the referendum to make positive changes to the Constitution, which is important for the nation’s progress and future stability.

Nikenike said the launching is a significant journey for Vanuatu to move toward stability and prosperity.

He further noted that last December, Parliament undertook important work for the initial parts of the referendum as part of a reform package, addressing critical issues such as political instability. “We must understand that stability is paramount for Vanuatu’s development. With all these changes, we will see a healthy and resilient political environment in Vanuatu,” Nikenike highlighted.

He continued, “In the coming weeks, our leaders will engage in outreach efforts across Vanuatu to explain the voting process, encouraging everyone to vote YES if they agree with the proposed changes and ‘No’ if they do not.

“This referendum marks a historic moment for Vanuatu, being the first of its kind since independence. It demonstrates our commitment to democratic principles, involving everyone to contribute to our collective well-being.

“We should be proud of this referendum as it provides us all with the opportunity to decide how we want our country to progress into the future. The decisions we make should be guided by wisdom, unity, and a shared vision for a prosperous and stable Vanuatu.”