Vanuatu’s renowned singer, songwriter, and performer, Vanessa Quai, was one of the 396 University of South Pacific (USP) students who graduated yesterday.

The 35-year-old musician was among the group of eight students who received a Certificate IV in Business Administration. Speaking with the Vanuatu Daily Post yesterday, she revealed that the reason to study the specific course was to upgrade her knowledge in the field of business administration.

“I took this course to increase my knowledge of how to think within a business, such as business administration or any private company,” she said.

Ms Quai is not just making music—she is also starting her own businesses. Right now, she is spending lots of time recording songs and setting up a home studio with her family. But that is not all. She is also helping manage a Daycare Centre run by her mom and overseeing a studio run by her brother. Quai is not just a singer; she is a busy entrepreneur too, with big dreams and lots of hustle.

The Vanuatu songbird has some side undertakings going on. She teaches private vocal lessons to kids aged 7 to 14, and she is also getting into another project: setting up a small online boutique for her daughter. She is still working on it, but it is something she’s excited about and putting her energy into.

“I am already in business with my music and daycare, alongside other ventures. So, obtaining this certificate is just to show that I am qualified to continue with my current businesses as well as pursue other opportunities,” she said.

“I want to encourage the women of Vanuatu that there are other levels we are still yet to achieve. Just as we know of our current accomplishments, there are further levels for us to strive towards and reach.

“I encourage all women to pursue education. Personally, I have pursued my music career and have reached a certain level, but as a singer, I still aim to emphasise the importance of education. Therefore, I encourage the women of Vanuatu not to halt their progress where they currently stand, but to continue striving for higher levels, especially in education and pursuing their dreams, echoing the message to dream big that resonated today.”

Ms Quai said this is the first certificate she has received from USP, and it has sparked a desire within her to pursue further education.

“I aspire to attain a Diploma,” she concluded.