Vanuatu women table
tennis team is adamant with their final training yesterday as they prepare their first match today for the 2019 International Table Tennis Team World Cup in Tokyo, Japan.

The trio Anolyn Lulu alongside Stephanie Qwea and Priscilla Tommy will be representing the Oceania region have settled well and are looking forward to an exciting journey.

Speaking to Daily Post from Tokyo, Japan yesterday Anolyn Lulu said; “We all arrived on Monday evening. Today (yesterday) we had technical meeting and have one schedule training in the afternoon and then comp tomorrow(today),” Lulu said.

There will be a total 38 matches (19 men + 19 women) the seeding for the teams will be based on the latest available Team World Ranking List on November 5.

In the first stage the teams will be divided into four equal groups, with all the members of a group playing each other and in the second stage the group winners and runners-up will compete in a knockout.

For the first stage, the highest-ranked team will be placed in Group A, the second highest in Group B, the third highest in Group C and the fourth highest in Group D; the remaining teams will be drawn into the groups two at a time in ranking order.

For the second stage, the winners of Groups A and B will be placed in positions one and eight respectively and the winners of groups C and D will be drawn between positions four and five; the runners-up will be drawn into the remaining places, in opposite halves from the winners of the same groups.

In the semi-finals, the winner of the first quarterfinal will play the winner of the second and the winner of the third will play the winner of the fourth ; the winners of the semi-finals will play each other in the final.

All team matches shall be played on the new Olympic Playing System with a maximum of four singles and one doubles.