Tatavola Matas, VWC’s new coordinator

After 6 months acting in the position, and 7 years as the Deputy Coordinator, Tatavola Matas has been appointed as VWC’s new Coordinator. Vola, as she prefers to be called, steps into the role formerly held by VWC’s founder and only Coordinator to-date, Merilyn Tahi.

“I am honoured to have been mentored under the strong and visionary leadership of Merilyn. I took up this role because I know that women and girls have important contributions to make to the development of Vanuatu. It is important to eliminate violence against women and girls in our country. Women and girls can positively and increasingly contribute to the development of our nation more if they are respected as equal individuals. VWC is committed to work to prevent and eliminate all forms of violence and discrimination against women, children and vulnerable groups to ensure the People’s Plan is achieved,” said Vola.

Councillor Moses Stevens, member of VWC’s Board of Trustees, said, “We appointed Vola based on her knowledge of the work at VWC and for her long-time work in collaboration with Mrs. Merilyn Tahi, the former Coordinator. This is important to ensure the continuity and sustainability of the Centre’s work.”