VANWODS Microfinance Incorporated has celebrated its Open Day yesterday on July 19 at Saralana Park with the theme; ‘Promoting the Value of the Products and Service of a Skillful Woman.’

The celebration commenced with a parade involving all members of VANWODS marching through town, women adorned with decorated islands dresses and informative banners promoting the social achievements the association has benefitted all women within the society.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Tourism and Trade, Jotham Napat gave his official speech in regards to the women of VANWODS and their hard dedication in being self-sufficient in their local businesses.

“For far too long, we have been focusing only on the means of production but it is time we put our focus on Value Addition which is being stressed within our theme, with Value Addition we can create more employment opportunities for our mothers and youths within our community,” said DPM Napat.

“I am looking forward to see more developments in the future through VANWODS, by giving opportunities to mothers and encouraging them in working together to make this organisation grow so all women in our nation can benefit from its services provided.

“The government will continue to support and help our women in achieving their goals and managing their own local businesses.”