Vanuatu veteran journalist, late Malonie Albert. Photo: Vanuatu Politics and Home News, Twitter

On Sunday morning, Vanuatu woke to the loss of Mrs. Malonie Albert, one of Vanuatu’s most experienced, talented and dedicated journalists.

Mrs. Albert spent over 30 years in television and broadcasting, contributing greatly to Vanuatu media. She was the longest serving staff of the Vanuatu Broadcasting Television Corporation (VBTC).

As a veteran journalist she was among those awarded the prestigious Independence Anniversary Medal by the then Head of State, Baldwin Lonsdale in 2016. She was one of the surviving staff that remained employed at what used to be New Hebrides Broadcasting Services, that became VBTC shortly after independence.

Mrs. Albert also received an award for outstanding reporting in Gender & Inclusion during the National MAV Media awards in 2021. She had won after submitting a collection she had compiled for television, radio and online content that celebrated the achievements of women throughout Vanuatu.

VBTC farewelled Mrs. Albert with a heavy heart as they acknowledged that despite having been ill for some time Mrs Albert remind fully committed to her work.

“Mrs Albert had dedicated her whole life to the service she provided to the people of Vanuatu and she remained the voice of Vanuatu throughout her career,” VBTC stated.

“She was committed to the service she provided the people and she leaves behind a positive impact that moves the heart of the CEO and VBTC staff.”

The veteran Vanuatu journalist leaves behind a better Vanuatu media that she has greatly contributed to over three decades.

The Daily Post joins VBTC in extending condolences to the family and friends of late Mrs. Albert.