To commemorate White Ribbon Day, male surfers from the Vanuatu Surfing Association take a stand against violence against women.


Feanser Kalmet

Emi no wan gudfala fasin blo solvem problem lo violence, yu sud toktok nomo spos i kat wan problem. Long taem finis i kam yumi mas respektem ol women from se woman naoia oli bigfala help lo famli mo life blo yumi everiwan. Ol woman oli ol balansem samting lo life wetem man. Showem LOVE lo woman blo yu no violence.

We should solve our domestic problems with words, not violence. We must respect all women and girls, they help out a lot in our families and in our communities and as men we need to find a good balance with women in our lives. Show love to your women, not violence.


Roger Taleo

Taem mi ski mi lukluk ol woman olsem ol sista blo mi mo mi respektem olgeta. Olgeta oli kat raet, yumi mas treatem olgeta eikwali!

When I go surfing I view women and girls as my sisters and I have and show respect for them in the water. They have rights too and we need to treat them equally!


John Steven

Yumi everiwan mas respektem ol woman

We all need to respect women


Camillo Kalran

Everi man mo woman hemi eikwal, i no kat wan wea hemi stap antop moa. Everiwan i kat semak raet mo eikwal.”

We are all equal, there is not one person better than the other. We all have the same rights and should treat each other as equals.


Matai Kaluatman

Vailens agens ol woman emi no kastom blo mifala lo komuniti. Kastom emi minim peace. Olsem wan representatif lo Pango Council mi wantem talem se kastom blo Pango emi no vailens mo vailens agens ol woman. Taem yu kilem wan woman emi no fasin blo kastom blo komuniti blo yumi everiwan.

Violence against women is not the custom of our community, our custom is peace. As a representative of Pango Council I want to say that violence is not an accepted attitude in our community.


Narsong Taleo

I had blo yumi lo fixem wan famli we i kat domestic violence. Yumi save helpem ol youngfala gel blo finem wan gudfala man mo yumi nidim moa man lo kam wan role model. Mi wantem kam wan role model wea bae mi save showem ol man se fasin blo kilem wan woman emi no stret.

It is hard to help families that are experiencing domestic violence. We can help by assisting young girls in finding a respectful man and to get more positive male role models. I want to be a role model and show all men the correct way to treat a woman and to show that it is not ok to hit women.


Wayne Kalotiti

Violence emi no way lo sortem aot ol problem. I kat ol diferent way lo solfem. Yu save toktok o askim wan narafala man, violence emi no wan solusen. Violence emi no gud, emi agensem christian principles mo morally wrong. I no kat hom o laef spos i no kat woman. Yumi mas apresiatem ol woman!

Violence is not the way to solve a problem. There are different ways, you can talk it out or ask another person to help you. Violence isn’t good because it goes against Christian principles and is morally wrong. We wouldn’t have the homes or the life we do today if we didn’t have women. We all need to appreciate women and girls!

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