On Thursday 16 March 2023, the team at Sista were invited to the launch of Gate Minds very first zine titled, Rising Voices!
Gate Minds asked a collective of young Ni-Vanuatu females to write about something they believe heavily impacts upon females in today’s contemporary society. What is evident from their responses is a common underlying theme of gender inequality that exhibits itself through various forms; societal structures leading to an imbalance of power, oppression, violence and body image expectations that in form how we should behave and present ourselves to the public eye.
These zines have been distributed amongst a variety of organisations who are a part of the collective movement and we hope to see them used to prompt meaningful discussions.
Read the Rising Voices Zine from the Sista Library, and stay tuned if you would like to contribute to Gate Minds next edition!
Take a look at some of the photos captured from the launch below:
(Photo Credit: Nematak Photos)