So many factors contribute to how we look and feel – juggling the work/ life/kid balance on the daily, trying to be a loving partner, attempting to remain calm when all you want to do is road rage!!, avoiding getting caught up in the small town gossip (but still allowing yourself to be totally gob smacked :P) and trying to put yourself first because you know it will help you manage all the above.

I am firm believer in taking self responsibility. Whatever happens in my life I created – the good and the bad. You either learn from it or you don’t and it kicks you in the butt again till you have learned what it’s supposed to teach you OR you are stuck in a warp until you do.

Obviously there are factors which we can’t control but how we deal with it is within our control. It is a golden opportunity to make what could be a reactive situation into something constructive and productive.  All it takes to make that positive difference is by recognizing that we ACTUALLY do have control of one thing – choice. It’s easier said than done especially when life is hammering down on you but sometimes knowledge (such as actual information and facts) and the inner desire to feel good and do good can help steer our decisions.


Disease cannot exist in an alkaline state

I have learnt is that I do have control about what I put in my mouth (and what comes out of it too, mind you) and how I use my body. It’s making these smart choices to feel better and move our bodies into a more alkaline state (as opposed to an acidic one) to create an overall pH balance. The letters pH stand for the potential of hydrogen, which is a measurement of the hydrogen ion concentration in the body.

The pH scale is a scale ranging from 1-14 with 1 being the most acidic, 7 being neutral and 14 being the most alkaline. Our ideal pH reading is 7.3 – 7.45 which is slightly basic, or alkaline. Experts say that disease cannot exist in an alkaline state.

You are what you eat

They say you are what you eat and you can simply tell by someone’s skin, muscle tone, size, attitude and energy, smell and overall look as to how they feed their body. Quite literally, you can feel when food has not done its job of nourishing your cells.

Your body literally reacts to what you have eaten – you feel tired and negative, or you have stomach pains, feel bloated, can’t concentrate,  and it’s all going down hill. These symptoms are usually due to processed foods made in chemical rich environments and create acidity in the body and, personally, it affects the mind too as the digestive system is known as the second brain. When our digestive system isn’t in good shape, it ultimately affects how we feel overall.

This juice contains the current season trend of fruits and veg in town and does a good job at alkalizing that body of yours– so get on it while you’re at the market.

Watermelon – loaded with vitamins, minerals and a good dose of vitamin c, fiber and made up of 92% water. It’s packed with important electrolytes.

Cucumber – always been the cool one to neutralize (AKA help alkalize) any dish or situation.

Parsley – vitamins a, c & k and the anti herb: anticancer, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.

Ginger – again, another soother – helps with digestion, menstrual cramps, helps fights infections and the list goes on for this one – that we know.

Kaffir Lime juice– although it may seem acidic, citruses are very alkalizing.

I used water as I did not have fresh coconut but if you have some lying around then crack that bad boy open and get him in and boost your hydration levels.

I also added some spiriulina – the blue/green algae superfood.

Whizz and try have something similar everyday!!

We are blessed to have an abundant supply of seasonal organic produce in Vanuatu. So mix and match and allow your body to move to a balanced state of health.

alkaline vanuatu juice

Here are a few other ideas to help alkalize the body:

1.    Squeeze half a lemon in warm water and have it first thing in the morning. Think of it as flushing the toxins out.

2.    Turn to live foods – fruits and vegetables.

3.    Drink quality water.

4.    Stay away from fried and processed foods – if you must then pick the smart choice eg. brown bread, wholemeal pasta, etc. 

5.    Avoid sugar if you can especially because its hidden in most things anyway.

6.    Use natural household cleaning products as well organic and natural body products.

7.    Choose the grass fed, free range, organic options. Organic Paradise stocks a range of locally made organic products you can use. 

8.    Include more superfoods in your diet (the pharmacies have options that you can pick from that you could add to your juice or smoothie).

By Chanelle Bjornum

Chanelle Bjornum is a mother of one, certified yoga teacher and lover of all things natural. Born and raised in Vanuatu to a Filipino mother and Swedish father, follow her on Instagram to check out her vegan creations and island living.