A man who pleaded guilty to three counts of domestic violence was given a condition to undertake an anger management course, as part of his 2-year supervision order.

Johnny Philip was charged with three counts of domestic violence two months ago. The charges related to his conduct towards his mother last year, his girlfriend or partner and another man.

According to the verdict, “he threatened his mother during an argument. She became afraid of him after he said she must remove all her property from the kitchen or he would burn it down. Nothing like that happened and he and his mother have since reconciled.

“In regards to his girlfriend/partner, he was disappointed that she had not cooked food that he had expected while he returned home after working. He then verbally abused her.

“As for his third victim, he suspected that the man had assisted his girlfriend/partner when she sought help after his abuse of her. He threatened the man and the man became fearful.”

The maximum penalty for an offence of domestic violence is 5 years’ imprisonment. A sentence starting point of 3 months was given to Philip after considering the aggravating and mitigating factors.

Philip pleaded guilty at the first opportunity. He already spent more than one month in jail for these offences. He was then released on bail, but has been prevented from returning home until the case ends.

Judge Edwin Peter Goldsbrough stated in the verdict of September 27: “Given the 36 days that he has already spent in custody for these offences, no further sentence of imprisonment is imposed on him.

“For each of the three offences he is made the subject of a supervision order for two years, with a condition that he undertake an anger management rehabilitation module. He is otherwise free to return to his home.

“It is to be hoped that he can undertake the relevant management course from where he intends to reside.”