Frustrated vehicle owners are finding it very difficult to get roadworthy test bookings as deadlines loom for road taxes.

“Vehicle owners are advised to get in fast and get their vehicles tested now or they will pay penalty fees in the future,” said a Government source.

According to the Vanuatu Customs and Inland Revenue Department’s website, late vehicle registrations will incur an additional 25% added to the current ‘Road Tax Fee’ and 25% added to the ‘Road Worthy Test Fee’ plus VAT for both fees.

“The Public Works Department workshop is almost fully booked out for March and are finding it hard to keep up with public demand for roadworthy certificate tests,” said the source.

“Roadworthy tests can be very slow. Cars are lined up waiting. The process can take hours for vehicles more than four years old, partly because many drivers have not serviced their vehicles and inspecting them is very time consuming for the mechanics,” said Carpenter Motors Vanuatu Service Manager, Mark Philip.


Pre-roadworthy tests are currently a boon for Vanuatu mechanics as owners try to beat the roadworthy test rush.

“Pre-inspections are ‘red hot’ right now as owners want to make sure their vehicles pass roadworthy tests the first time,” said Mr Philip. “Our customers don’t have time to wait in line at the Public Works workshop. We make the booking for them and we take the vehicles to the workshop.”

“Vehicles pre-tested by Carpenters pass the roadworthy test very quickly,” said Mr Philip.

Vehicle owners are advised to pay ‘Road Worthy Test’ fees first at the Department of Finance’s central government cashier before their vehicle can be taken for tests at the Public Works Department workshop at the Wharf Road roundabout at Numbatu.

Owners are also advised to also ensure their vehicles are insured, have a valid Customs Department registration card (red card), a valid Driver’s Licence. Vehicle’s must have essential safety items such as spare wheels and jacks. Public vehicles must have valid licence receipts for fire estinguishers.

For a faster inspection, owners should regularly service their vehicles and get a pre-test from a recognised mechanic.

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