Selina Solman (LEFT), Holly Ferling – Australian National Women’s Team Player (CENTRE), Rachel Andrew (RIGHT)

Holiday Inn Resort Vanuatu National Women’s Cricket Team Captain Selena Solman and all-rounder Rachel Andrew were honoured to be selected and take part in FairBreak Globals’ 4-game series against the ACT Meteors last week from the 1-4 February.

FairBreak Global is an organisation that aims to progress gender equality on a global scale, using cricket as its primary vehicle. The organisation aims to create a “FairBreak” for its players by; creating opportunities across sport, health, business, media, arts and education to empower women to pursue success in their chosen endeavour.

The women were two of twelve that were selected from ten nations to compete in Canberra and were one of the only countries alongside Papua New Guinea with more than one representative. A testament to their capabilities. The team were unfortunately unable to defeat the formidable Meteors but were grateful for the experience and exposure, as they had the opportunity to face talented Australian cricketers and Australian national team members alike.

All-rounder Rachel Andrew expressed:

“Playing for FairBreak is an honour. It is an opportunity that any cricket player could dream of and want to be a part of. FairBreak provides opportunities for female cricketers around the world to showcase their talents.

“Playing in a combined international squad is crazy, but worth it. Every game is always a new experience on or off the field and the experience allows us to learn about each other’s countries and cultures as well as improve our skills and knowledge of the game

“FairBreak is a gamechanger! Uniting cricketers from around the world to come together, make connections, friendships & play cricket. FairBreak select players from countries that the cricket world all too often neglects to recognise and give them the opportunity to showcase their countries talents- that’s why I love being a part of the FairBreak family.”

Our National Women’s Captain Selina Solman stated:

“Representing Vanuatu and playing for FairBreak means a lot to me because I know that I am not only representing myself, but I am also representing my country, family, association, women’s cricket, and women in sport in Vanuatu.

“We play in some of the biggest stages — in the world of cricket, and we want to showcase our skills to the world using this platform and prove that we deserve to be here.

“I am grateful to FairBreak for providing this opportunity to not only me, but all talented players across the world. Because talent isn’t based on where you are from, but what you can do and if the world fails to recognise our talents based on location- FairBreak provides us the opportunity to realise our potential regardless of where we’re from.”

Both women have since returned to Adelaide and won their next match with Adelaide Cricket Club, against Sturt. They have four more matches remaining in the season before they depart for to Fiji with the Vanuatu National Women’s Team for the Pacific Island Cricket Challenge in March.