“One of the most important things that I am going to talk today (on Monday) is about creating a network and how you get people behind you and help you to move forward. You have to have a strong plan. The next thing is what are the ways and steps to put the plan in place; just like building a house or having a family, it does not happen overnight. There are different steps that you need to be able to do, the same thing as starting a business. It may sound like a big task but if you break it down into small pieces and you find different people to help you move along that part, you find you are able to take off.”

Greta Schettler is the Chief Operating Officer of WEConnect International and gave the interview before addressing a two-day workshop on Business and Entrepreneurship for women in the VNPF Conference Room, on Monday and Tuesday this week.

Based in Washington D.C., she heads up global efforts to manage the rapid growth of the organisation, leads its executive management team and strategic direction, and develops a performance driven culture among its group of diverse talented individuals.

Asked what motivated her to become the successful professional speaker that she is today, she says she has worked for many years to develop her own businesses, with one in the United States and one in the Middle East.

She worked in three different continents namely South America, Africa and Europe.

“For me there’s always been this drive to really look at how we can expand economic opportunities for everybody. And business is a huge way for people to be able to take their own ideas into their own hands and really move things forward,” she explains.

She says for her it’s always been this intrinsic drive to help other people to create business opportunities for themselves.

She also worked for the State Department to help elevate women’s economic participation as a foreign policy for six years before moving to where she is today.

She is a proven executive and entrepreneur with more than 15 years of experience, has a wealth of experience in designing and scaling efforts to advance women’s economic participation and entrepreneurship through development, trade, economic, and international business initiatives.

She insists that in order to make economic progress, she believes in empowering both men and women to move forward in a progressive manner.

“There’s a saying that men and women are like two wings of a bird.

“If one wing is damaged, the bird may not go very far. They may have differences in strength but in order to reach furthest, they both have to go together,” she says. READ MORE