The annual International Food Festival event has raised Vt457,780 just in a day’s sale, while another Vt300,000 has been raised through the monster raffle ticket sale.

This charitable event is organised by the International Women’s Group (IWG) and it featured different traditional dishes from women of each member countries of the IWG.

Countries and groupings that participated in this food festival included Australia, New Zealand, the Chinese Embassy, Chinese Women’s Association, France, Fiji, India, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Polynesia, Nepal, Philippines, Romania, Argentina, Thailand, England, Vanuatu, Vietnam and Mauritius.

While the different types of traditional food are showcased, they are also on sale at reasonable prices.

Money raised from this event would go towards improving the lives of women and children of Vanuatu.

IWG are expressing their heartfelt gratitude to the French Embassy and Alliance Francaise for allocating their cultural exhibition room to host the event. READ MORE