gaeton-pikioune-junior- launches-second-book

Gaetan Pikioune Junior shows a copy of his second book. Photo: Roslyn Aru

Gaetan Pikioune Junior has launched his second book titled ‘The adventures of Sean the Squirrel and Nate the Nightingale: Relatable Rangi The Roo’.

The book was launched at the Read Pacific Warehouse on Wednesday afternoon.

His love for helping the community and children has inspired Gaetan Pikioune Junior to write children’s books.

Junior hails from Port Olry village in Santo and has maternal links to Levuka village in the district of Yale and province of Kadavu in Fiji. He is the first Ni-Vanuatu children’s book author whose personal experience got him to write this book.

“I would like to thank and acknowledge the presence of every child in this room, to me this event wouldn’t be meaningful without your presence,” said Junior.

“I would like to acknowledge the following children who may or may not have given me the green light to use their names in the books — Mr. Sean,Lote Tomu Sean Pikioune, Kalpokas, Mr. Kyrangi Rakau and Mr. Caleb Doan. Unfortunately, my nieces Asinate (who Nate got his name from) and Maya, could not be here as they are not in Port Vila.

“I want to thank Read Pacific, especially Ms Rae, thank you for everything — sponsoring my tuition fee at Malapoa College to keeping in touch with me, until you became my publisher.

“I would like to thank the Utilities Regulatory Authority (URA), my Chief Executive Officer and colleagues for their support with the book.”

Junior completed Year 13 at Malapoa College and graduated from the University of the South Pacific in Fiji with a Bachelor of Commerce (Double Degree in Accounting & Economics).

He said his parents are his biggest motivator.

“My parents are my biggest motivator, pushing me to pursue my dreams, whether it is my career path, education, or any dreams that I have, along with my siblings and my friends,” he said.