Klosap evri man mo pikinini hemi kasem hed lice lo laef blong hem. Sapos ol pikinini hemi stap wetem ol narafala pikinini lo skul or lo hoas we hemi gat lice, hemi esi blong kasem. Yu save kasem lice taem bae yu stap usim ol samek samting lo narafala man we hemi gat lice. Olsem fasin we yu stap silip lo bed blong man ia, mo usim brush wetem clothes blong hem.

Just because you have lice, it doesn’t mean you’re unhygienic. Although head lice don’t carry or spread diseases, they do feed on blood from the human scalp. In Vanuatu, most women will remove head lice by slowly hand picking and combing it out. This process can be tiresome, particularly as Melanesian hair is tightly curled. There have been reports of people removing head lice by pouring kerosene in their hair, but this technique is highly dangerous and not recommended.

There are other alternatives to remove head lice if you are unable to afford lice medication from the pharmacy, which starts from 1350vt. You can also get it subsidized from the hospital pharmacy. Whether it’s the cost or it’s because you don’t want to get in contact with nasty chemicals, these DIY remedies may kill head lice naturally.

Tamanu Oil

Tamanu Oil is available at Organic Paradise (next to Chantillys), Au Bon Marche and most of the pharmacies.

  • Apply throughout your hair and leave for thirty minutes
  • Rinse hair and brush with lice comb


Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil is available at most pharmacies. You can also use other essential oils such as ylang ylang or anise. Be careful not to apply directly on scalp.

  • Mix a teaspoon of tea tree oil with coconut oil
  • Apply throughout your hair and cover with a shower cap or towel
  • After one hour, remove covering and brush hair with lice comb

Vinegar and Salt

  • Mix ½ cup salt and ½ cup vinegar
  • Rinse through your hair
  • Use lice comb to remove eggs and lice
  • Condition hair thoroughly
  • Repeat every two days


Garlic and Lime

  • Crush five cloves of garlic with two limes into a paste
  • Apply throughout your hair and cover with a shower cap or towel
  • After half an hour, remove covering and brush hair with lice comb
  • Repeat weekly until lice is gone


This method is thought to smother and suffocate the lice. Baby oil can also be used instead of Vaseline.

  • Apply as much Vaseline as necessary to entire scalp
  • Cover hair with shower cap and leave it on overnight
  • After waking up, use lice comb to brush out lice
  • Repeat every second day until lice is gone

These remedies are for educational purposes and are not medically approved recommendations.