Tafea’s midfielder, Jane Alatoa, has been hailed as a complete player as she grabbed the best player award in their previous game at the OFC Women’s Champions League underway in Solomon Islands.

The Vanuatu side defeated the host country with a score of 3-0.

Coach Robert Calvo praised the 26-year-old Alatoa from Ambae, describing her as a tactical player capable of executing various roles as per the team’s requirements.

He emphasized her technical skills and her ability to make impactful plays whenever she has possession of the ball.

Alatoa demonstrated remarkable skills in midfield, facilitating passes to her fellow strikers with precision.

He said her achievement will have a positive impact on her team’s morale and performance.

A proud Reynolds Alatoa share admiration for his daughter’s accomplishment, attributing it to her unwavering commitment and dedication as an athlete.

He also emphasized the collective effort of the entire team, acknowledging that individual success is a result of cohesive teamwork on the field.

“As much as Jane deserves this recognition, it’s important to acknowledge the hard work and collaboration of the entire team,” he said.

“I have full confidence that they will continue to excel in the semi-finals against Auckland FC and ultimately secure a spot in the finals.”

Tafea FC continues to dominate the field in the OFC Women’s Champions League, clinching the player of the match award for the third consecutive time.

Diana Sine, captain Florida Willy, and Alatoa have spearheaded this ground breaking achievement, showcasing their prowess on the field during the tournament held in the Solomon Islands last week.

The streak of player of the match awards began with Diana Sine’s standout performance in the opening match against Hekari United from Papua New Guinea.

Captain Willy followed suit by claiming the award after Tafea FC’s impressive 5-0 victory against Avatiu FC, the champion team from the Cook Islands.

The team will play against Auckland United FC of New Zealand in their semi-final match today.