Coming from a family of three, two daughters and a son, for Angie being a middle child was hard. Having a low self-esteem and feeling neglected since childhood is one of the most difficult things in a child’s life. Having feelings that she couldn’t name. 

As years went by, Angie realized that she kept focusing on how people treated her rather than discovering her own purpose in life. This was a very big lesson for her. On the day Angie realised this her mindset completely changed. 

Now she is a confident young ni-Vanuatu girl with a high self-esteem after attending a 12-months young women’s leadership program. Like any other ni-Vanuatu girl, Angie’s wish was to find someone who would sweep her off her feet and make her forget all the bad feelings in her past. 

Angie found love. It came in the form of a good-looking guy with money and a van. Being a gentleman who was loving, caring, and one of the sweetest people on earth. In addition, he ticked off Angie’s mother’s list that if a man really loves you, he will come to your house and he did. So, when Angie saw that he had ticked off her mother’s checklist, she fell in love with him. Angie gave him her body, finances, time, trust, and her all. 

When Angie was six months pregnant, he travelled to Australia for the Seasonal Workers’ Program. That’s when Angie never heard from him again. Not a single call to check on Angie and the baby in her womb. The time that she needed him the most he was not there. This is when the feelings of insecurity Angie harboured deep in the past started to crawl in slowly. But this time something made her strong. Angie cried hard, tears running down her cheeks, she could hardly breathe. Trying to keep the pain within her but Angie felt that she couldn’t keep it in because of her baby.

Gradually Angie started to pray. In a soft broken voice she prayed, “Lord I need you. This is too much for me.  I can’t bear it.”  Then a thought came to her mind, “Be strong for your little one and remember you are unique, special and beautiful”. Angie realised that God has plans to prosper her and not to harm her, plans to give her a future and a hope. 

Proving that God is real, when Angie’s baby daughter was 1 year 5 months someone special came into their lives. Mike is the exact person that Angie had been praying for since she was a young girl. He is a man who walks in the presence of God and has a vision. He provides and protects. Most of all, he is a loving father to Angie’s daughter and the most loving spouse one could ever have imagined. 

Angie’s lesson learned in life is when praying for something that one must be patient. When making decision it is important to be honest with oneself and if this is what you truly need or want in life. Your decision must be based on your own observation and not on what other people say or think because they are not going to face the consequences. You are. Your life, your decision, you face the consequences. 

Knowing oneself and what you want in life will help you make the right decisions. Don’t compare yourself to others. Everybody has ups and downs, good and bad times but even the smallest decisions you make will determine your future.