Mary Estelle Mahuk will be the fifth presenter at the Vanuatu Association of Sports and National Olympic Committee(VASANOC) Athletes High Performance seminar at Ramada next Friday.

VASANOC statement said; “We are fortunate to have another Vanuatu icon as a part of our presenter line up, Mary Estelle Kapalu.”

Mary Estelle is one of Vanuatus most accomplished athletes competing in 3 Olympic games for Vanuatu against some of the best 400m runners in track history, Cathy Freeman and Marie Josee Perec among them.

She was labelled as the “Golden Mother” of Vanuatu and the “Queen of the track” in the pacific islands due to the high her success on the track and the work she did to inspire many Vanuatu children and people which she still continues to do today in sports and in business.

Mary Estelle knows firsthand what it takes to compete as an athlete at the highest level, and to reach your potential.

She also knows the challenges that come with being an athlete (and as a female athlete) within Vanuatu both on and off the sports field. Mat Estelle will discuss her experiences as an athlete (the highs and the lows) and her advice to any athlete wanting to reach their potential and what got her there.

She joins the list of presenters with the likes of Dr Kym Williams, Nerida Hinge, Amie Cox and Dr Damon Ashworth.

There are many components that go into making a successful sports person or sports team.

What athletes do off the sports field/court can impact their performance just as much as what they do on it.

To continue in the development and success of our athletes and teams, VASANOC is organising an athlete high performance seminar.