This poem was written by the founder of Sista magazine, Yasmine Bjornum. After experiencing an unplanned pregnancy with someone she was not in a serious relationship with, Yasmine experienced the stigma of being a single mother and how society places the shame and responsibility on the mother, rather than the (absent) father, to raise their child.

This experience propelled Yasmine to become an activist of women’s rights. She is now the proud mother of a lovely and cheeky two year old girl.


Mi wan gel

Wea me gat bel

Long wan man

Wea hemi no wantem save baby blong mifala

Hemi talem long mi se mi spoilem laef blong hem

Mo hemi talem long mi se mi spoilem laef blong mi tu


Taem baby blong mifala i bon

Hemi no wantem helpem mi

Taem mi stap cry mo worri big wan

Blong give kaikai mo nappy blong baby blong mi

Hemi talem long mi se hemi no problem blong hem

Taem mi wantem toktok wetem him

Hemi talem long mi se hemi no wantem save mi


Missus blong hem mo ol frens blong olgeta

Hemi talem long mi se

Mi toktok tumas

Mi makem fulap trouble

Mi angry tumas

Mi swea blong nating

Mi wan woman long devil

Mi spoilem man ia

Mi mas acceptem se hemi no wantem luk aot baby


Bae mi wantem save nomo

Fram wanem olgeta hemi

No tingting long saed blong baby blong mi?

Fram wanem olgeta hemi

No askem mi ‘Yu olraet sista? Mi save helpem yu wetem baby blong yu?’

Fram wanem olgeta hemi

Stap makem no gud fasin long mi?


Yu tink se mi kros blong nating?

Mi kros fram mi makem wan samting

Insaed long bodi blong mi

Afta daddi blong hem

Hemi tink se laef wea mi tufala i makem hemi nating


Sapos yu traem luk mi

Wetem heart blong yu

Instead of hate blong yu

Yu save se spirit blong mi hemi brok

Mo heart blong mi hemi harem no gud

Fram mi neva wantem

Daddi blong baby blong mi

Blong makem fasin olsem ia lo pikinini blong mifala


Mi talem long yu stret

Laef blong smol gel blong mi hemi important

Yu no kros taem mi sing aotem raets blong hem

Sapos yu no harem mi fes taem

Mi no fraet blong talem bak agen


Smol gel blong hemi gat raet long laef

Smol gel blong mi hemi gat raet blong respect

Smol gel blong mi hemi gat raet blong education mo helth

Smol gel blong mi hemi no ‘pikinini long rod’

Smol gel blong mi hemi wan pikinini blong God.


Yu talem long mi se mi toktok tumas?

Hemi fram yu no tingting nating.

Yu no tingting se laef blong smol gel

Blong mi hemi wan samting

Mo ol decision wea ol adult hemi makem

Hemi save affectem laef blong hem.


Usem tingting blong yu moa

Mo toktok blong yu less

Mifala evriwan hemi gat responsibility long evri pikinini long Vanuatu

Ol pikinini hemi future blong mifala

Sapos yu wantem liftem up country blong mifala

Mifala mas liftem up pikinini fes taem


By Yasmine Bjornum

Support for unplanned pregnancy

Sapos yu gat wan unplanned pregnancy or wantem save moa long saed blong sexual reproductive health, yu go toktok wetem ol health professionals. Olgeta hemi save helpem yu wetem situation blong yu.


Sapos yu wantem counseling, yu save luk:

Vanuatu Family Health Association (22140)

Mind Care Unit long Vila Central Hospital (22100 ext 110 VoIP 1972)

Kam Pusem Hed Clinic Wan Smol Bag (27119 or 25592)


Child maintenance

Sapos yu no stap wetem daddy blong pikinini blong yu, yu gat raet blong karem child maintenance. Child maintenance hemi mane we papa blong pikinini hemi pem iko long mama blong pikinini taem we tufala istap wanwan. Mane ia hemi blong helpem mama wetem ol kakae, klos, skul fis mo blong pem ol narafala samting we i blong pikinini long laef blong hem.


Plis go luk Vanuatu Women’s Centre or ringem olgeta lo 2400 or 25764 blong save stret rod blong karem child maintenance.

This article was originally published in the June edition of the Vanuatu Daily Post’s Life and Style magazine.