Members of Movement Red are eagerly awaiting the announcement of the imminent National Referendum date.

Since Prime Minister (PM) Charlot Salwai’s announcement during the 7th Extraordinary sitting of Parliament in December 2023 regarding the national referendum, various civil society groups have been gearing up for the anticipated announcement of the referendum date, expected to take place within the next five months.

Movement Red, established to promote stability and amplify the voices of the people, collected over 5,000 signatures through a petition during the period of political instability in the country.

The leader of Movement Red, Mr. Mike Esrom Kaun, said they are waiting for the announcement of the referendum date to unveil their plans accordingly.

After the signatures collected during the peaceful march on November 26, 2023, and a petition, all relevant political stability bills were presented in Parliament.

However, the constitutional amendment is set to go to a referendum in the first quarter of this year.

Expressing pride in the movement’s achievements, Mr. Kaun mentioned that success lies not only in the movement itself but also in the recognition that people’s voices have power.

This empowerment allows people to participate in decision-making processes for the future of the country.

Kaun acknowledged that numerous factors contributed to the memorandum and legislation.

He said the movement represents a collective effort, incorporating input from various sources, including legal advice and consultations with heads of states. It also aims to ensure that people’s voices continue to have a place in the decision-making process.

The leader of Movement Redshared that the legislative timeline dictates that the referendum process, including signing the bills, must occur within six months.

The government will allocate the budget for the referendum during the upcoming national budget session, which will influence the overall timeframe.

Mr. Sethy Regenvanu shared sentiments from two months ago.

He commented on the imperfection of the constitution when leaders come in with different visions. Despite diverse opinions, the movement is focused on providing support to leaders to work collaboratively towards building and growing the nation.

While the movement recognises challenges and potential criticisms, unity remains a driving force.

Looking ahead, the movement plans to continue its work, educating the public about the referendum.

There is recognition of the low voter turnout in previous elections, and a commitment exists to encouraging participation through activities such as registering for national IDs.

Kaun said the movement does not discriminate and is inclusive of all citizens contributing to the country.

Despite the challenges faced, its success to the collective power of citizens’ voices in the democratic process. Kaun concluded by thanking everyone who participated in the peaceful protest last year.