Nine members of the Vanuatu Women’s Cricket Team currently in Australia for seasonal work with Icomply achieved a remarkable victory against a talented Queensland invitational side in Stanthorpe last Friday night.

Named Vanthorpe, their team comprises Vanuatu and Stanthorpe women’s players. They scored 98 runs in a 20-over match. Despite a tough start, they defended well. Captain Selina Solman’s smart bowling moves, including a key decision to introduce Valenta Langiatu, paid off. Nashima Naviaka took two wickets, and Rachel Andrew’s sharp bowling sealed a 10-run victory in the final over against Queensland Invitational, turning the game in Vanthorpe’s favor.

The coach for the night, Vanuatu Cricketer of the Year Nalin Nipiko described the victory as exceptional and was very happy to see the girls stick to the game plan and back their ability.

He was very impressed to see how the girls kept in the game when the odds were against them and was very proud of the girls for the victory.

Their performance comes as a powerful boost for them as they prepare for their upcoming tour of New Zealand (NZ).

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Icomply, Rodney Prestia, who has invested a lot of time and money into the sporting dream and seasonal work project, said in a statement that he was so proud of the girls’ efforts and is hoping they continue on their winning ways from the tournament and their lead-up games in Australia.

“They were playing against some of the best players in Queensland, and to get the victory is just incredible. This serves as the perfect lead-up to the NZ tour, which the girls will depart for in 10 days.

“However, the girls will take leave from their seasonal work contract early this month for 10 days to travel to NZ to represent Vanuatu, with the blessing and support of Icomply. They will then return, complete their contract, and continue to play cricket in Stanthorpe in the lead-up to the T2 final Qualifiers in Dubai.

“As a sporting fan, I am just privileged to be along for the ride,” Prestia stated.

The women’s cricket team is the highest-ranked sporting team in Vanuatu, and Prestia said they’re not just great players; they’re great people, and it’s an honor and a privilege to be a part of their journey.Among the players is Captain Solman, along with seven members of the international team, including Rachel Andrew, Valenta Langiatu, Vicky Mansale, Nashima Navika, Rayline Ova, Leimauri Chilia, and Mahina Tarimiala.

According to Icomply, they are all balancing seasonal work and sporting dreams while working in Australia for Icomply in the regional town of Stanthorpe, located three hours from Brisbane. Additionally, they have been competing on weekends, playing in the local Men’s Cricketing League.

CEO Prestia stated that the partnership between Vanuatu Cricket and Icomply to provide opportunities for Vanuatu female players to continue their sporting dreams but also earn a great income, has been fantastic.