The population of Muslims
in the country has increased beyond 1,000 already and if they could successfully elect one political representative to parliament, it would be a real joy for every member in this beautiful, peace loving country.

Founder of Islam in Vanuatu, Mohammed Siddiq Sambo of Mele Village makes the statement saying he had been trying to push four candidates through without success.

Mohammed Siddiq in Arabic means ‘Leader, Man of Truth’.

Islam in Vanuatu today consists of members from Santo, Ambae, Ambrym, Malekula, Epi, Paama, Efate, Tanna and Erromango.

“Islam cannot become a member of VCC because we do not believe in Trinity but we respect VCC and its role in Vanuatu.

“Essentially VCC has its voice and Islam also has its voice,” the Founder explains.

On the parade organised by the Vanuatu Christian Council on Friday of last week, proclaiming Vanuatu for Christ, the Founder of Islam says, “We respect VCC as the Christian Umbrella under which all Christian faiths function.

“We under Islam also have our principles under which we function. We abide by our rules of conduct.

“Many of our students are sent to school in Iran, Pakistan, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, and Indonesia.

“On their return, these young people work for themselves in Government and the Private Sector and Non-Government Organisations to help develop our country and at the same time promote their faith in what they do.”

The Founder says under Islam, you are not allowed to work against the law.

“I respect Vanuatu as a Christian country with its Motto of Long God Yumi Stanap.

“We have our own belief but we respect what Vanuatu stands for.

“There are bad things happening in Vanuatu like killings and rapes and all of us Muslims and Christians want to see them eradicated from Vanuatu.

“But we can only achieve that by allowing all our different faiths to become tolerant of each other and work together for a common goal of promoting peace and harmony in Vanuatu,” he says. READ MORE