For the first time in Vanuatu’s history, parliament sessions in the 12th Legislature will be streamed live on Facebook and YouTube.

In the past legislatures, the national Parliament only publicized sessions using Radio Vanuatu and Television of Vanuatu.

It will be a milestone for Vanuatu in adapting with technology, streaming live debates in Parliament on both mediums mentioned above.

This came about following the State of Emergency (SoE) declared by Head of State, Pastor Obed Moses Tallis following with orders of SoE given by caretaker Prime Minister Charlot Salwai on Thursday last week.

Given the SoE, Daily Post understands the Parliament Secretariat will not allow members of the public to enter the gallery chamber and also to witness the election of a new prime minister and the nomination of ministers at the parliamentary rotunda, which will be announced later.

Now that the Parliamentary Secretariat decided to broadcast the sessions live on TBV, Radio Vanuatu, live-streaming and on YouTube and Facebook it will be a big plus for the people of Vanuatu from north to south.

This is an upgrade on the system to ensure live streaming on different mediums of streaming for the people of Vanuatu.

Meanwhile the Parliament chambers is undergoing a slight renovation for the first time after decades, such as new paintings on the public gallery site and others.

After the cyclone Pam in 2015, the parliament secretariat has to change the carpet in the parliament chambers.

This light renovation is done pending the major renovation this year, which will be funded by Chinese government with a budget of VT600 million.

In related news, the Parliament Secretariat will summon elected Members of Parliament as soon as the Electoral Office declares the names of the 52 elected MPs.

According to law, parliament shall meet 21 days after the election.