Mrs Sarah Chambers with PVIS Scholarship winner Raine Kalotiti

Mrs Sarah Chambers with PVIS Scholarship winner Raine Kalotiti

Port Vila International School (PVIS) is thrilled to announce that Raine Kalotiti will commence her studies in January 2019 on a full scholarship.

Principal, Mrs Sarah Chambers said “I am thrilled to announce that an amazing young ni-Vanuatu woman, Raine Kalotiti is the recipient of the new 3 year scholarship provided through the very generous support of the Kotara Community of Schools in Newcastle, NSW, Australia.”

When announced, Raine said she I “cried with joy and then went for a swim in the ocean before I could believe it was real. An opportunity like this is amazing and I am so grateful to the Kotara Community for providing this for me.”

Mrs Sarah Chambers said that “While competition for the scholarship was tight and it required much deliberation, Raine was the most outstanding candidate for this opportunity. The panel were very impressed by Raine’s broad experience and contribution to the community through her association with Solwata Sista, Gel Pawa, the Vanuatu Rowing Association and the Suzanne Bastien Foundation.”

“Raine demonstrated that she is an allrounder, willing to grasp whatever opportunities come her way. This passion and zest for life impressed the panel.”

“Raine hopes to become either a marine biologist or a doctor. She has already demonstrated her environmental credentials by assisting her sister with a project investigating and protecting the reef system off Pango. Her passion for medicine stems from her personal experience with the lack of medical care for people living in some of Vanuatu’s island communities.”

Raine believes that she has “the potential to become a woman leader in my society. I get involved in all these activities as I like to learn, build my courage, confidence and leadership skills.”

Principal Sarah Chambers said, “We currently have limited places in our secondary school. We encourage interested families to visit us at the school and see what we have on offer. PVIS provides excellence in education for local and international families in Port Vila.”

“Our SACE International Certificate is the only opportunity for direct degree level access to tertiary study in English currently provided in Vanuatu. Our highly professional internationally qualified teachers provide students with curriculum that challenges them to think and grow knowing that we are potentially educating future leaders both of Vanuatu and beyond.”

“PVIS is passionate about providing a well-rounded education building both academic potential as well as personal drive and commitment, and the desire to have an impact on the future of our community, our society and our world.”

For further information about enrolling your child at Port Vila International School, please contact to make a time for a Principal’s tour, or pop into the school office.