President of the Taxi Association, Elton Worwor has been acquitted from one charge of unlawful assembly with transport drivers at a meeting in March this year where Ms. Florence Lengkon was assaulted.

Worwor initially pleaded not guilty but had a case to answer to in the case that derives from the kidnapping and assault of Ms Lengkon by some taxi and bus drivers.

In an oral decision yesterday morning, the Supreme Court acquitted Mr Worwor from the charge after he argued during trial that he was not aware that Ms Lengkon would be brought to the alleged meeting until afterwards.

Five drivers were initially charged with unlawful assembly and while three pleaded guilty, the association president and another member pleaded not guilty.

The other driver who pleaded not guilty was acquitted after the court ruled that he has no case to answer.

Worwor is not the only defendant of this case to be acquitted from a charge after three other divers, Ben Koro, Glen Kovoi, and Charley Kasuali were acquitted last month on the charges of intentional assault.

Intentional assault is the most serious of the charges laid against the defendants of the case but although medical reports confirmed that the victim sustained injuries, none of the 60-plus drivers present at the wharf during the meeting stood up to point out the person responsible. READ MORE