The Principal of the Napangasale Junior Secondary School on Tonga is now on remand after allegations that he raped one of his students in their science lab classroom.

It is alleged that he obtained her consent through intimidation.

The student was alleged to have become pregnant and attempts were made to abort the child.

At the time the student was under his care and protection.

The Principal is now facing four criminal charges that includes sexual intercourse without consent contrary to section 90 and 91 of the Penal Code Act [CAP 135].

Acting Public Prosecutor, Simcha, Blessing told Daily Post that he is also facing an additional count of sexual intercourse with child under care and protection contrary to section 96 (1) (b), one count of using a child for pornographic purposes on section 101 (1) (a) and one charge of interfering with a witness against section 82 (1) (f) all of the Penal Code.

Prosecutor Blessing said that police are also investigating two other cases of similar nature involving the same principal and two students.

The Prosecution’s case is that the incident happened in 2014 when the victim (in this case) returned to complete her studies in Tongoa.

Mr Blessing said that in the first term, the victim was a boarding student but she allegedly got convinced by the Principal that he would accommodate her during the rest of her academic year in Tongoa to help her with her parents, they all accepted the offer.

The report confirmed that after the end of the year, the victim wanted to return to her parents in Port Vila for holidays but the Principal allegedly told her to spend the holiday with him.

Mr Blessing said he called the parents saying the victim would spend the holiday with him to which they agreed and believed everything would be well for her.

But later when the victim told the accused that she wanted to go and see her parents he allegedly convinced her not to, claiming he would buy Christmas presents for her.

The victim who was only 16 at the time later reportedly became frightened but believed everything he told her.

It is alleged that just before Christmas, the principal texted her to meet at the Science Lab for sex to which she reportedly refused but he forced her through intimidation.

He allegedly ignored her refusal and used his position as her school principal and primary carer to intimidate her.

The Principal allegedly told the student that he loved her and would take her as his future wife.

Reports said that in 2015, the victim was sent for further studies at Epi High School.

The Principal didn’t stop calling her the whole time and allegedly invited her to go to Tongoa during holidays.

The accused allegedly took inappropriate pictures and short video clips of the victim with his mobile phone.

The affair was kept a secret between the victim and the principal until 2016 when the victim realized that she was allegedly pregnant and told him. He paid for the pregnancy test only to find that it was positive.

This allegedly started to worry him more – he allegedly subjected her to heavy activities to get rid of the baby.

It was alleged that he made her drink some leaf or custom medicine to get rid of the baby without success.

After another instruction of a method to get rid of the baby, the victim allegedly had a miscarriage the next day.

The victim later came back to Port Vila, the principal followed her and allegedly continued to have sexual relations with her but later stopped.

Prosecutor Blessing said that on January 23, the accused attempted wrongfully to interfere with the victim in a judicial proceeding before she gave evidence in connection to her evidence, she had against him.

He said that the accused texted the victim that he would stop scholarship payments being made to her if she made a statement to the police against him.

The principal will stand trial for Preliminary Inquiry hearing on February 13, 2019.