A Sexual Gender-based Violence (SGBV) prevention workshop has been conducted for the Vanuatu Police Force’s Family Protection Unit (FPU) in Santo.

Commissioner of Police (COMPOL) Robson Iavro officiated the opening of the three-day SGBV workshop under the theme “Understanding Investigating and Preventing Sexual Gender-based Violence,” engaging all FPU officers around in SANMA Province who are dealing with Domestic Violence (DV) and sexual offences.

Stakeholders such as the Prosecutor’s Office, Vanuatu National Women’s Centre in Santo and Dr Sala Vurobaravu from the Northern Provincial Hospital were present during the workshop. They were also part of the panel discussion.

COMPOL Iavro commended all officers of the FPU for the roles they are performing in their everyday work.

According to the VPF Media, FPU is one of the effective and efficient units because of its successful prosecutions of DV cases, which are very high throughout Vanuatu.

The Unit states that FPU success rates are within 90 to 95% rates of the DV. This means even though high number of cases are reported, police are still investigating and prosecuting offenders.

Responses to domestic violence cases around Vanuatu have been successful through the assistance of the Vanuatu-Australia Policing and Justice Program (VAPJP), who have assisted the FPU in terms of logistics and financial support for victims and arrest of suspects.

“Professionalism and dedication is the key to success to all the work across the islands in Vanuatu, addressing issues that are affecting the families in our society,” Iavro said.

“Be reminded that this will continue to stay because whatever we do the people will always take advantage to cause harm to another person. Young girls across the society will continue to fear and face the impacts of violence caused by perpetrators in their lives.”

VPF’s mission is to make sure responses are effective, timely, and conduct continuous mass awareness campaigns to make sure offenders realise their wrongs.