TITAN FX sponsors self-defence classes for females. Photo: TitanFX

TITAN FX officially announced that they are sponsoring 10 female subscriptions to self-defense classes every week from August 2021 until the end of 2021.

This means the 500VT fee will be waived every week for the first 10 women to arrive at ExFOL each Saturday at 8am.

Mr. Nazario Fiakaifonu, Olympian and Vanuatu Judo champion, volunteers every Saturday from 8am to 9am to teach basic self-defense techniques to a group of over 20 people.

Mr. Nazario Fiakaifonu said “I have been running a security business for almost 8 years and, over the last years, I had more and more requests to show the basic techniques of self-defense. Aggressions and especially violence against women are inhuman behaviors. I feel I need to contribute somehow to build a better Vanuatu, so I started the self-defense classes in early 2021”.

The group is a mix of women, men, children, teenagers, expats as well as Ni-Vanuatu. Each lesson is charged 500VT per person to cover the costs of electricity, the rental of ExFol and the insurance. As a volunteer, Mr. Nazario Fiakaifonu gives his time free of charge to help others.

In Vanuatu, more than 60% of the women experience physical and/or sexual violence during their life. An alarming figure that explains why women are so demanding to attend the self-defense classes. However, often they simply can‘t afford it and they stop coming to the self-defense classes.

TITAN FX has been very supportive of the self-defense initiative and took a stand against violence done to women by sponsoring 10 female weekly self-defense subscriptions until the end of 2021.

Mr. James Hudson, TITAN FX General Manager, commented “TITAN FX supports local organizations and communities. We are delighted to be able to support 10 women every week in learning the basic technics of self-defense. We believe in creating a positive impact that’s why we want to help boost Vanuatu’s social and cultural scene. Empowering women and contributing to a safe environment is part of this.”

Federesen blong Judo blong Vanuatu is leading the initiative and was proud to officially announce the support of TITAN FX witnessed by TITAN FX staff in their office.