Two suspects have been arrested after the discovery of the body of a woman from Tanna at Smet in Port Vila last Saturday night.

The body of the deceased was found on the road at the area, police conveyed in a statement.

Killing another human being is against the law, police stressed.

“According to section 106 of the Penal Code Act [CAP 135], no person shall by any unlawful or omission intentionally cause the death of another person (intentional homicide). Penalty:

(a) If the homicide is not premeditated, imprisonment for 20 years;

(b) If the homicide is premeditated, imprisonment for life.

(2) For the purpose of subsection (1) premeditation consists of a decision made before the act to make a homicidal attack on a particular person or on any person who may be found or encountered.

“Section 107 of the Penal Code Act, no person shall commit intentional assault on the body of another person. Penalty:

“(a) If no physical damage is caused, imprisonment for 3 months;

(b) If damage of a temporary nature is caused, imprisonment for 1 year;

(c) If damage of a permanent nature is caused, imprisonment for 5 years;

(d) If the damage caused results in death, although the offender did not intend to cause such death, imprisonment for 10 years.”