Vanuatu U16 girls beach volleyball team returned home with a bronze medal yesterday from the Total Sport Girl Challenge tournament organised by Les Cagous- Equipe de Nouvelle-Caledonie.

Vanuatu Beach Volleyball expresses their appreciation to the French Embassy (Vanuatu) who facilitated the participation of the VVF Development girls in the week long tournament.

The tournament which culminated last week saw the participation of five sports which includes Beach volleyball, Rugby, Basketball, handball and football.

For the tournament results Province Iels 1 took out gold medal in the beach volleyball defeated Province Iels II who settled for silver and Vanuatu One settled for bronze medal.

In the rugby competition RCC won gold, Province Iels silver and CS Bourail won bronze medal. Mont-Dore won gold medal in the basketball competition, TSGC silver medal and BC Paita won bronze medal.

Province Iels 1 also dominated football where they settled for gold medal, Province Iels II settled for silver and Province SUD won bronze medal.

For the handball competition Dumbea won gold medal, Mont- Dore won silver and RS Mare won bronze medal.