The Vanuatu Civil Society Influencing Network (VCSIN) launched its Luganville and Sanma branch and its 50% WIP 2020 and Beyond Get the Balance Right “Vot Woman” brand products and the national campaign, Tuesday 16 July 2019 at the Vanuatu Agriculture College Conference Room in Luganville, Santo.

Members developed action strategy plans for the “Vot Woman” campaign targeting Luganville and Sanma days, municipal and provincial council election days, March 2020 general election and other national days.

On Wednesday 17 July VCSIN members participated in the Luganville/Sanma celebration of VANWODs Day. Members were invited to parade in the morning wearing the “Vot Woman” brand T-Shirt – “Semak Voes long Palemen! Yes, Yumi Save Mekem”. They also carried the banner, “Get The Balance Right! 50% Women in Parliament (WIP)” and posters with the key message, “Toktok Wan! Tugeta Yumi Go”.

On Monday 15 July 2019 VCSIN members consisting CSOs, FBOs and CBOs participated in the inaugural Luganville and Sanma meeting elected its Steering Group (SG) made up of seven members:

1. Father Samuel Tagaro – Chairperson

2. Mrs Evelyn Pakoro – Vice Chairperson

3. Mr – Maxim Saol — Secretary

4. Mrs Edith Willie – Vice-Secretary/Media Officer

5. Mrs Beverlyn Tosiro – Treasurer

6. Chief Mael Yagel – Vice – Treasurer

7. Mrs Marinette Nambong — Member

VCSIN continues its efforts in bringing about positive changes in policies, laws and practice for women in decision making at all levels and helping Government progress its commitment to CEDAW (Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women) in Vanuatu.

VCSIN dream of a world where the women of Vanuatu have a real say in the decisions that shape their lives. We believe in a strong and ethical Parliament that truly represents the people of Vanuatu. We believe in equality.

“The launch of Luganville and Sanma VCSIN and the national Vot Woman Campaign is a step in the right direction- reaching and engaging women, families and communities across Vanuatu for a more united and inclusive society”, stated Charleon Falau Chairperson – VCSIN.

“My dream has come true. More members will now be able to learn skills and become empowered at home to raise their voices to decision makers on issues that affect them. Anna Blessing – initial and long serving Luganville member of VCSIN”.