Voters can use the QR Code to scan their phones, to be able to identify their polling stations. Photo: VEO Facebook Page

Residents of Luganville
 are being reminded of the importance to vote as they are preparing for the upcoming municipal election.

”Your vote is important as it represents your voice. If you are not happy with any decisions that your councilor makes, it was you who placed that person there,” Chairman of the Electoral Commission, Edward Kaltamat said.

He urged all registered voters to exercise their constitutional rights by participating in the election, which is scheduled for November 14, 2023.

Kaltamat said that polling day would be declared a public holiday for Luganville residents, ensuring work commitments would not stop anyone from voting.

Registered voters who own smartphones are encouraged to use their device’s camera to scan a QR Code, which will lead them to a link revealing their designated polling station.

The QR Code can be found on the Vanuatu Electoral Office (VEO) Facebook page and various posters throughout Luganville, including shops, the market, and the hospital.

VEO assured that all registered individuals across the country can use the QR Code to locate their polling station.

On October 26, 2023, the Electoral Commission officially announced the names of 45 qualified candidates who will be contesting for 13 seats in the Luganville Municipal Council.

In related news, the Chairman of the Electoral Commission confirmed the SANMA Provincial Government Council election is expected to take place early next year.

He urged residents in SANMA rural areas to promptly verify the validity of their National ID cards to ensure their eligibility to vote.

Those lacking a National ID and young individuals set to turn 18 before February next year were advised to visit the Civil Registry office to apply for one, enabling them to exercise their voting rights.

Kaltamat encouraged Local Area Councils to assist their people in this process.

Voters will only use their National ID cards to cast their votes.