World Rugby will be commemorating Womens Rugby this month around the region and Vanuatu Rugby Union will be no difference.

Yesterday the celebration started in Ifira Island as the Ifira Bilingual School girls threw in their interest for the sports and enjoyed some touch rugby during the Get Into Rugby course at the school ground.

Learning rugby skills and rules of the game were the motives yesterday as the girls were excited to hold the oval ball.

Vanuatu Rugby Union Development Officer Pita Natoga said; “ I’m glad that we have already starting the Women’s Rugby programme for this month.

“ I’m happy of the outcome these young girls in Ifira are giving me,” Natoga said.

Last year World Rugby launched a new global campaign, ‘Try and Stop Us,’ aimed at driving increased participation and engagement among fans, audiences, players and investors in the women’s game.

The global campaign, developed with the support of national unions and regions, uses striking imagery and the inspiring stories of 15 women and girls involved in rugby at all levels of the game from around the world, who are “unstoppable”.

They have challenged barriers to participation and demonstrated how rugby has empowered them to get where they are today, both on and off the pitch.

Women’s rugby is one of sport’s great success stories, experiencing unprecedented growth around the world:

Participation levels are at an all-time high with 2.7 million players globally – making up more than a quarter of the global playing population – and a 28 per cent increase in registered players since 2017
For the second year running, more young girls have got into rugby globally than boys, and more than 40 per cent of rugby’s 400 million fanbase are female.
World Rugby, in partnership with its unions, is determined to grasp the opportunity and further boost the global game.

World Rugby Chairman Sir Bill Beaumont said: “We firmly believe that the development of women in rugby is the single greatest opportunity for our sport to grow in the next decade, which is why we are proud to share our exciting new brand identity.

“Not only is women’s rugby experiencing unprecedented growth around the world but we are well on the way to realising our vision of a more equitable game for all through the implementation of our ambitious strategic women’s action plan, which is having a transformational effect on all areas of the game.”

World Rugby Women’s Advisory Committee Chairman Serge Simon said: “Rugby is one of the world’s fastest-growing team sports and women are at the heart of the success story. They are driving growth on and off the field, particularly in emerging rugby markets as trailblazers, inspirers and champions.”

Vanuatu Women’s Rugby Dialogue today

Vanuatu Rugby Union Development department will be hosting an open Women’s Rugby dialogue at VASANOC house this afternoon from 4pm-7pm.

All Ni-Van women interested to participate in rugby union whether it’s players, officials are are to attend this open discussion.

VRU Development Officer Pita Natoga said; “ This will be a great opportunity for VRU to seat with the women and they can share their experiences, some might have their grievances on VRU and some might have ideas to help VRU grow, this will be a great time to have it,” Natoga said.