A young mother has been admitted at the Melsisi Hospital on Pentecost after her partner allegedly repeatedly struck her with a knife in the garden.

Reports say the woman, who has just given birth to her first baby is in critical condition after her partner struck her multiple times on the head, wrists, fingers and stomach.

The Melsisi Hospital recorded that she was bleeding and vomiting when she was admitted.

A nurse at the hospital told Daily Post that she sustained injuries on her wrists, fingers and head.

She has been treated and is recovering slowly, said the nurse.

It was reported that relatives were present when the young mother was struck , following an argument with her partner.

According to locals from Pentecost, the partner has just been released from prison.

Police in Penama said they were not aware of the incident.

Daily Post understands there is no police presence in Melsisi.

This is the second woman to be admitted at Melsisi Hospital after being struck with a knife.

The first one was referred to Vila Central Hospital.