Chloe David recieving Best Female Award


The David sisters, Chloe and Claudie have once again proved their dominance in the sprint events of the Suva Zone 2 athletics competition at the HFC Stadium in Fiji yesterday.

Suva Zone 2 includes all the top secondary schools in the city who competes competitively in the track and field.

The Mataso island natives represented their Suva Grammar School colors yesterday and both won three gold medals respectively.

Chloe dominated the senior girls grade sprint events winning the main blue ribbon event which is the 100m marched on to win her second gold in the 200m final and anchored her Suva Grammar School senior girls 4x100m relay with a gold medal.

The three gold medals allowed Chloe to walk away with the best overall female athlete award. This has put Chloe into the favourite list for blue ribbon event come the main Fiji Secondary School Athletics Final.

Younger sister Claudie also scooped three gold medals in the intermediate girls grade winning her first gold in the 100m, went on and dominate 200m and 4x100m relay.


Claude David yesterday


The Fiji Secondary School Athletics meet, called the Coca-Cola Games, is the event that all high schools in Fiji look forward to in the first term of every year.It is the biggest school track and field meet in the Pacific.

This is the event that brings together more then 2,000 students from all over Fiji to compete competitively in two divisions, the boys’ and the girls’ division.