The Volleyball in Paradise Tournament ended last weekend at Gold Coast with Vanuatu’s beach volleyball sensations, Sherysyn Toko and Mayabelle Lawak, emerging victorious against another Vanuatu player Linlin Matuatu and her Australian partner Linda in Australia.

The final was a testament to the high level of competition, as both teams battled fiercely for the championship. In the end, Toko and Lawa’s strategic plays and teamwork proved decisive, earning them a well-deserved victory against their resilient opponents.

This triumph marks a significant achievement for Vanuatu’s beach volleyball, reaffirming its dominance on the international stage. Impressively, this event marks the third consecutive tournament where two Vanuatu teams have made it to the final of an Australian tour event.

Congratulations poured in for Tini and Bella, as their success adds another glorious chapter to Vanuatu’s stellar beach volleyball legacy. The achievement is not only a personal milestone for the athletes but also a collective win for Vanuatu’s beach volleyball community.

As the cheers echoed for the victorious duo, recognition and applause were extended to Matuatu and Linda for their stellar performance over the weekend.

The camaraderie and sportsmanship displayed throughout the tournament highlighted the spirit of excellence and fair play that defines Vanuatu’s beach volleyball prowess.

Beach Volley Coach Michel Bargmann said despite the fact that the girls encountered a natural setback, the girls put on their best performances and turned-out champions with Toko and Lawak grabbing gold while Matuatu and her partner slammed the beach with a silver win.

Two New Zealand tour events are scheduled for mid-February for Toko and Lawac, with participation in the NZ Tour Finals, at the VVF favored destination of Mt Maunganui, yet to be confirmed.

Vanuatu’s beach volleyball reigns supreme once again, and the nation eagerly anticipates the continued success of its talented athletes on the global stage.

The team will go through a training camp this week and will play another tournament in Caloundra at the Sunshine Coast this weekend.