joshua-vspdThe Vanuatu Society for people with Disability’s Early Intervention program supports families of children with disabilities to achieve the best outcomes for their children.

The program aims to ensure that children living with a disability reach their full potential and aims to prevent disability from occurring by providing appropriate intervention.

VSDP’s Early Intervention Pikinini Group is open to all children with a disability, and includes activities, games, and parental support to improve developmental skills. Attendance to the Pikinini group includes children across a range of ages with a range of difficulties, including intellectual impairment, physical impairment, language disorder, hearing impairment, and vision impairment.

melanie vspdThe group runs from Monday to Thursday, 9am-11am at various community centres around Port Vila. Working directly at the community level makes it easier for clients to access their services and has established stronger links between the organisation and the communities they work in.  It is completely free for all participants and they provide a bus to pick up and drop off children and caregivers at their homes before and after the group.

For more information call +678 5522321 visit the VSPD website or VSPD Facebook.