In a call for gender equality, Mrs. Cherol Ala, Director General (DG) of the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), has urged the Public Service Commission (PSC) to play an active role in promoting female leaders in the Vanuatu government.

Mrs. Ala’s message resonates with the need to fill government vacancies with potential women in leadership positions.

Ala enthusiastically lauded the accomplishments of women in society and highlighted the overarching goal of seeing women in leadership roles across all government sectors.

In her words, “Women in leadership is a notion that we want to see it to happen across all the sectors of the government”.

Commending the Ministry of Health (MoH) for recognising the passion within its female leaders, Ala expressed her gratitude for the newfound support from families, partners, and the Public Service Commission for women’s advancement.

Reflecting on the past, she noted the limited opportunities for training and growth that women leaders had, emphasising the necessity for change.

Ala further noted the persistence of the conversation about women in leadership across various governments, stressing the importance of continued progression.

While acknowledging past challenges, she celebrated the emergence of numerous successful female leaders.

Within the MoH, Ala lamented the long history of acting DGs and called for a swift change, emphasizing that it is essential to have a permanent DG who can champion women’s leadership within the workplace.

With an encouraging and motivational tone, Ala implored women to shed their inhibitions and embrace confidence.

Drawing from her personal transformation, she encouraged them to step forward with self-assurance, stating, “You need to come forward and be confident, ‘I was not like this before but now I am ever so confident that I can stand in front of people.’”

Ala addressed the pressing need for gender balance in leadership, especially during challenging times.

She highlighted the importance of women rising to leadership positions and taking a stand against problems.

According to Ala, this is the time for women to make a difference in their country.

She emphasized the importance of celebrating women’s intellect and advocated for a balanced approach to leadership roles.

Reflecting on her own journey as the first female DG of the PMO, Ala offered herself as a role model and challenged women to embrace their potential.

“Your can does anything in the world and in the region, if I can do it, you can do it, I am challenging you all,” she declared.

Ala commented on the significance of partnerships, resources, and collective effort in moving forward. She stressed the need for training, doctorship programs, and collaborations as the driving forces for a prosperous and balanced future, led by capable women.

As Ala puts it, “The sky is not the limit, and beyond the sky is God and if you believe in God that God can do anything, He will make it happen for our country”.