On a distant beach in the Solomon Islands, two cousin-sisters were inspired by the dream to create an island luxe jewellery range.

Hand carved, shell money beads by local artisans.

Metallic, luxurious accents.

It was a match made in tropical heaven.

By blending traditional materials and modern finishes, Golden Cowrie emerged.



Their Shell Money beads begin their journey as humble shells harvested from Langa Langa Lagoon, in Malaita Province, Solomon Islands.

Local artisans then spend countless hours crushing the shells into tiny pieces and hand carving them into individual beads known as ‘Shell Money’.


Traditionally, Shell Money was used as a form of currency, for bride and land payments, settling disputes and ceremonial events. Over time, the beads have increasingly also been used to create beautiful pieces of wearable art and jewellery.

Golden Cowrie hope to highlight the priceless, cultural significance of these sacred Shell Money beads in their creations.



Not only do their cowrie shells look divine, they also carry a deep spiritual significance.

In many cultures around the world, they are often considered a symbol of wealth and prosperity, fertility, destiny and protection; as cowries are connected to the spirit of the ocean.

As such, a gift from Golden Cowrie, is much more than a stunning piece of jewellery.


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