Police in the Capital have declared that they will not be held responsible for any items removed from any vehicles seized and placed at the holding yard.

Police said they will not be accepting any further complaints in relation to this issue.

The announcement came following reports of several incidents which saw items including road tax stickers, valuable items and parts of trucks were removed and stolen from detained vehicles.

Drivers are responsible for their properties on their vehicles and police and other law enforcement agencies are seizing vehicles for safety and security reasons for public road users, police said.

In a statement issued to the media, Police Media Desk confirmed that prior to removing vehicles from the hands of the drivers; they always remind drivers to remove any removable items from their vehicles.

On this note, police is reminding vehicle owners and drivers to make sure to have all legal documents with them to avoid such incidents.

Police has rights under the road traffic control act laws to detain unworthy vehicles for possibilities of causing danger to public road users.