Introducing our health advocate, children’s doctor and Pacific Island Food Revolution Season 2 Foodie Doctors participant, Dr. Annette Garae.

Dr Garae has worked in the area of health care for 11 years and spent 1 year as the only doctor at Lenakel Hospital on Tanna island.

She is now completing her specialist qualification in Papua New Guinea but we are so fortunate that she has joined our team as one of our food health champions.

Dr Garae is the CEO of Vanuatu Children’s Health Network and her passion is education and building better futures for the children of tomorrow.

“When we think of health, we have to think of nutrition. We have to think of what we are putting on our plates and in the mouths of our children because that is the future and what we eat will determine our future.”

” If we use health local food each day, cooked in the right way, we can look forward to a healthy future”.

Dr Garae, who currently based in Port Vila, has managed to join us today for the official launching of the first ever SANMA Food Revolution outreach activity in partnership with Vanuatu Cricket.

“I love sports and nutrition is an important part of every athlete’s life. I am so excited to see this Food Revolution combine both sport and nutrition for our cricket girls and their mothers.”

And we are just as excited to have Dr Garae on our team as health advocate and child health champion.